Wed 9/9/2020 Tongwei - Dingxi (84km, 2160 km in total)

Dear all,

out of the mountains South of Lanzhou I send you some greetings.

Sam and me are suffering from mountains in combination with cloudy and rainy weather.

And of course from the weight of our bikes and trailers.

Yesterday we only made 110km from Tianshui to Tongwen (but 1100m of height), today even only 84km with 600m of climbing.... Since they are building a new motorway along our route, a lot of lorries and muddy roads took away the feeling, that this is a great journey! And changed it more to the feeling, this was an crazy idea to do!!!

Nevertheless the lorry drivers are the ones who realize us first on the road and who protect us quite often with staying behind us on steep uphill passages or warn others and us with their loud horns...

Yesterday during that charging break on the mountains this lorry driver came and had a chat with far as we can talk of chat with my very basic knowledge of Mandarin...

So at the moment we are acting and doing progress as a compromise of rest energy in the batteries, physical strength and mental capability. We only talk about consumption (Wh/km we use), how to improve, how to survive without getting the batteries fully emptied before reaching the next city...

Beside all this, I am impressed, how good road conditions are every where we went in this huge country, how well developed each city is, how warm people do welcome us wherever we stop!

Tomorrow we are heading for Lanzhou, where we will meet my Bosch-colleagues! Really looking forward to our common dinner!

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