Wed 8/26/2020 LWH - DAY6 Zhenjiang - Nanjing, 88km (433km total)

After having done yesterday about 130km in the afternoon (after visiting my Wuxi colleagues, thanks to Shuwei, Wei and Thomas! It was so nice having those discussions with the colleagues about the bike, the panels & sustainability and enjoying the great canteen of this plant!), facing heavy rain and thunderstorm on the last 20km that let me drive my batteries empty, I started with a weak support of my trailer into today's riding.... But luckily the weather was getting better and I could reach Bosch's Nanjing Plant 1 after a 45km ride with a similar voltage I was starting with. But therefore of course pushing hard my pedals...

Thanks to Frank Meyer and Maggie for this very nice welcome with nice talks about CO2-neutrality and of course tasty noodles in the canteen!

After I finally found my hotel just finished the day with a walk in the park along the lake! Really nice here!

Tomorrow I will stay here in Nanjing, to do maintenance on the trailer and some optimizations. And to reduce my luggage and tools bag, to reduce weight. And optimize my folding panels...

And then send my car back home to Shanghai. This was - in a not sustainable way - following me until now, since I was fearing getting much more trouble with the velomobile or the trailer due to the fact, that I had no chance for reliability testing during develompent in Shanghai... Luckily up to now I had no quality problems, even I had this heavy rain yesterday!

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