Thu 10/1/2020 - G312 - 4444km

What a moment reaching this street sign, telling me, I was following this road for more than 4444kilometers!

And the picture shows as well: This journey really shows me my limits! I thank god for having this opportunity and being preserved for so many days in so many difficult situations! This trip is not a result of me, but of a lot of supporters:

I want to say thank you to so many people helping me doing this trip:

- My wife Diana and my kids Hannah, Jonathan, Judith and Samuel, for letting me go. And managing their life and our relocation to Germany for such a long time without me!

- Liu Tian, for helping me preparing this trip from the very first moment, running the weibo-Page, supporting with a lot of questions coming up along the route...

- Pang Xiao (Sam) for joining this trip for 1 month! What a great guy pedaling so hard on those windy days in the desert, never giving up! And we had a lot of fun! A lot of every day! I miss him! And my battery that I got from Sam is doing great every single day! So nice to have you as a friend now!

- Chen Yudong, our CEO of Bosch in China, providing a support letter, that helped a lot in discussions with officials! Really much appreciated!

- My colleagues Zhao Kun, Gu Shuwei, Yu Yijun and Chen Robin for advising me in how to start, what stickers to use (they helped a lot in discussions with the police every day!!!) and of course a lot of other support they gave and encouragement they still give! - Xue Fei doing this nice movie before starting this trip! This still helps a lot in communication with new people interested in what I am doing.

- Jonathan, updating the homepage regularly, making it easy for others to follow. I miss him daily, especially on those emotional points, like this street sign 4444km yesterday!

- Marcus and Bärbel for hosting my stuff (including Jonathan's velo!) left back in Shanghai, supporting me finishing my trailer in the last days before departure!

- Niels for encouraging me, just to start! Was a great hint! And hosting the packaging materiel for the velos in Shanghai.

- Bosch Service station organization, that I luckily did not need up to now! But having the possibility to use is a great help!

- Annette Mehlhorn, DGCS-community where i know they support with regular prayers my trip!

- parrots tree and Knuth for hosting me in those difficult first days in Shanghai!

- All those following my trip and encouraging me day by day in Wechat moments, E-mail or other ways of communication!

Unbelievable, but the suns rises 2hours later than in Shanghai! All this distance traveled without a carbon footprint! Let's further improve this way of traveling, of course I will try back in Germany!

So my battery should be refilled now, already midday. 170km still to go, with a lot of climbing to Sayram lake. Let's go!

BR, Jörg

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