Sun 10/4/2020 - Khorgas - THE END

Dear all,

what was expected by many of us, came true: The border to Kazakhstan is closed in both directions. For anybody.

The foreign affair managing lady explained to my tonight and even guided me to the gate this morning! No cross-border traffic!

This means, this is the end of my journey after 45 days on the road!

What a great experience for me, increasing a lot my understanding of this huge and diverse country! And learning a lot about myself, how to ride a velomobile with solar power and what huge potential there is in this way of sustainable traveling! Of course not with such a long trailer, but I think this can be adapted to a more convenient one..., we will see in the future!

Thanks for following this adventure planned by Martin, Jonathan and me, now communicated by Jonathan and me and unfortunately only done by me!

Thanks for your support! I really was always feeling a lot of support of many people!

Greetings out of Khorgas!



PS: Have now to ride a little back and then to the city of Yining, since there is no company able to pack my velo here in Khorgas.

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