So 9/14/2020 - Dachaigou - Yongchang (197km - total 2656km)

Hurray we made it out of this cloudy, rainy and cold mountains in the North of Lanzhou!

And we crossed a pass at about 3000m of height! I have never been on such an elevation with my bike before, especially after starting in Shanghai at an elevation of definitely 0m 3 weeks ago....

This bio-region of Qilian Shan (Qilian Mountains) do change a lot now on their northern side, since it is getting definitely dry now. No trees on the mountains, a lot of dust on the road. Yesterday we had the best G312-road ever!!! For about 50km around Wuwei the road conditions have been really perfect: Wide clean bicycle lane, smooth road surface, only few traffic lights! That was a big pleasure to us! People say, now the desert road starts, even though on the maps Gobi desert is shown little more North. So let's see, what the day will show!

Since we were running our batteries empty yesterday evening until 10pm, we decided to use the sun this morning to recharge, before we have to do a slight uphill of 600m to an elevation of about 2500m again. But since it seems to stay sunny first half of the day, we will get supported by our trailers... Some of you were asking, how we can go together with such different mobility solutions. One way for example is, that Sam already left now, and I will leave an hour later, using until then my large charging capacity of 500W and then catching him up with my higher traveling speed out of the mountains. Since Sam cannot unfold his panels and has a larger capacity for charging during riding, there is no too big difference for him to charge during riding or pausing. My damaged panel is under production, hopefully I will get it in Dunhuang and then can again use my full 300W of nominal solar power during riding...(but I think still about 1000km to go there...)

So nice, to stop in the villages and see the people wondering about our bicycles!

Since yesterday was Sunday, a lot of Children have been on the road...

So now, let's get my stuff packed and follow Sam...

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