Sat 10/10/2020 - Shanghai

How does my trip now come to an end?

Since there was no company able to send my velomobile back to Shanghai, I traveled to Yining city and found one there.

I dismounted my trailer and they are now together in a wooden box on the way to Shanghai.

I did choose a sleeper train from there to Shanghai. 50h, 70% of the route exactly the same like I did along G312! Amazing to see regularly the road where I was riding some weeks before!

Back in Shanghai I wait now for the delivery of the box and repack my velomobile and Jonathan's.

And then send it back to Europe or ask a friend to take them home with their relocation next year.

Probably this will last until end of next week. After that I will take a flight back to Frankfurt and I really look forward to see my family again!

Greetings out of Shanghai,



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