Mo 9/21/2020 Guazhou - Back to 100% solar capacity

After more than 2 weeks being reduced in my solar charging capacity during driving, I am back to 300W! Hurray!

Since the lead time of my original supplier is huge - and has still not communicated a delivery date after more than 2 weeks of waiting - Sam had the idea to reuse his first try-out panel from his supplier! What a great idea, so he asked his son to send it to Dunhuang and we did mount it there 2 days ago. And yesterday on the way and this morning in Guazhou, it is obviously working! You see in the charging picture of yesterdays desert trip from Dunhuang to Guazhou, that there is the middle panel in front of the trailer wheels looking little different. Having little different size, but I don't mind... power is power!

Thanks to Sam for sharing this 16 cells and 50W with me!

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