Mo 8/24/2020 - LWH - DAY4

This was my first day doing a longer distance.

Having high temperatures of 35°C and more but great sunshine I made it to visit my colleagues in Suzhou and a Supplier in this nice city. And 2 of my Shanghai colleagues were waiting for welcoming me! That was so nice!

Yesterday evening I reached Wuxi, close to our plant, where I will have lunch and showing my vehicle to the colleagues and then heading for Zhenjiang. This will end up in a long ride in the evening, since there are 170km to do.... But I had a good long night, so let's try.

Sorry, not that much time to blog, since my trailer still can be optimized in some points, so I am using my breaks to do so..

Many of you will ask about the police. They stopped me twice:

First time at Dianshan Lake still in Shanghai, 2nd time in Suzhou, leaving the city towards Wuxi. In both cases I explained my story, that I am on my final way home to Europe (as far as you can call this an explanation, since my Mandarin knowledge still is poor) and after listening to me, they decided to let me go on with my idea! Great.

I hope so the same decisions will come today. We will see.

Thanks for following our longwayhome story!



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