Fr 9/18/2020 - early morning - Yumen

Yesterday evening we reached Yumen, which about 150km from our last stay in Jiuquan.

After we did our sightseeing at the most western tower of the Great Wall in the morning we continued our biking to the west. Really a strange feeling, leaving a town with the sign, next one is 122km further and you sit on your bike or in your velomobile and get aware: Ok, this distance has to be done until this evening, whatever happens. Luckily we did. And since the road was in a perfect condition and sun supported us with her full energy we did even fast and reached the Yumen in the early evening.

We are more than surprised about the road condition: Really perfect up to now, especially in the desert.

Air is dry here, what a surprise! I got up in the night several times to drink water, since throat is extremely dry. I decided to wash my sport shoes yesterday and put them close to the open window. They are dry this morning! So no electrical dryers needed here.... In the night I heard the trains passing the city far away. But their horns and wagons can be heard even in the city. We saw a lot of those long long trains so it looks like, the new silk road is not only busy on the road, but on the rail as well! Must be, China must have invested an huge amount of money on getting this going!

Sam just left (now it is 7.30am), I will stay for another 1.5 hours, to 1st fix my flat tire on the trailer (again the right wheel, which is more exposed to the dirty side of the road) 2nd buy new stickers to fix flat tires, since we needed yesterday 3 of them! Because the shops for that will not open before 9, we decided to let Sam go first and I will follow as soon as I got stickers. But we should not risk going into lonely areas again with having only one spare!

Today we are heading for Dunhuang, an oasis in the desert. And a former post station of the silk road. With a distance of 250km a new challenge for us. Let's see, whether we can manage...

So now let's get started!

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