Fr 10/2/2020 - Jinghe - Sayram Lake

Great weather and a very good G30 road helped me a lot to make it up to Sayram lake at an elevation of about 2070m (starting from about 500)! It was feeling like a look back on the last weeks: Seeing first camels along the road, then horses, finally cows and sheep. They seem to be the most robust to handle that harsh conditions up here.

Today I will try to surround the lake and then get down to Khorgas, the border station.

It looks like the border is closed, so this can be the end of my long way home...

But I started this trip with a bunch of uncertainties and had along the way a lot of others. It somehow always ended great. So let's see!

The options for tomorrow are:

1) Entering Kazakhstan and heading for Almaty first. Weather seems to stay nice and stable in the next 2 weeks...

2) Looking for a logistic company in Khorgas, that is willing to pack with me my velo and the trailer and then heading probably back to Shanghai first. We will see.



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